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Vernon W. Greene, DMD, provides patients in the Atlanta area with expert dental care at Dental Group South in Stockbridge, GA. Offering a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, our vastly experienced dentist also helps those in the Stockbridge and Atlanta communities who suffer from conditions such as sleep apnea find relief through oral appliance therapy. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile, address painful dental issues, or enjoy a full night's sleep, Dental Group South can help you achieve optimal oral health.

Why Choose Dr. Greene for Your Oral Health Care

Find out why patients seeking the best oral health care in the Stockbridge and Atlanta areas have made Dr. Greene and Dental Group South their go-to place for dental exams and cosmetic dentistry treatments:


Dr. Greene has been providing superior dental care for over 40 years. He possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill regarding all kinds of oral health issues and treatments.

Privately Owned Practice

Unlike corporate dental chains, our private practice has one, and only one dentist: Dr. Greene. You might not get the same dentist every time you make an appointment at a multi-dentist corporate chain. Plus, our patients will never be rushed out so another patient can be brought in. Dr. Greene is patient-driven, not profit-driven.

More Than a Dentist

Many patients consider Dr. Greene as a friend instead of just their dentist. His caring personality and affinity for having a friendly chat before treatment begins are part of his popularity.

Family Friendly

Dr. Greene and his warm, inviting staff welcome patients of all ages for exceptional dental care. Bring your whole family!

Renew Your Smile and Your Confidence

Schedule Your Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment Today

Dental Team

According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, over 90% of people polled say a good smile makes a person more attractive.

If you have a compromised smile due to decay, missing teeth, or discolorations, Dr. Greene can help you achieve a healthier, brighter, and better-functioning smile. And that can give you a boost of self-confidence in both personal and professional situations.

Contact us today to start your new smile journey with a no-pressure consultation at our beautiful Stockbridge practice.

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"You Won’t Regret Making This
Your Dental Home!"
Our Patients Love Dr. Greene


Nicholas Pope

Stockbridge, GA


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Elise was WONDERFUL, and very Knowledgeable. She helped and explained things I didn't know as well to better help me with my oral care. I have found my new hygienist and I recommend this place to anybody!

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Britney Hough

Stockbridge, GA


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Great facility, you won’t regret making this your dental home! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable! This was my first time visiting the office. Elise was my hygienist! She was gentle while cleaning and very friendly!

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How Do You Benefit From

Choosing a Privately Owned Practice?

Dr. Greene working on a dental patient

Unlike corporate dental chains, our private practice has one, and only one dentist: Dr. Greene. He is patient-driven, not profit-driven, meaning you will never be rushed out so another patient can be brought in.

We're Proud to Be Affiliated with:

AACD American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Featured Procedures

Sleep Medicine

Our dentist is focused on more than just the health and appearance of your teeth. Dr. Greene's extensive experience and knowledge of sleep medicine allow him to provide effective treatment for those suffering from the detrimental effects of sleep apnea. The team at our Stockbridge, GA, dentistry practice can provide relief from sleep apnea with an oral appliance custom-made to comfortably fit the contours of your teeth while you sleep. 

Read More about Sleep Medicine

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental conditions that affect the look of your teeth can cause embarrassment and feelings of self-consciousness when you smile. Our Stockbridge dentistry practice specializes in cosmetic treatments to brighten dull enamel, improve your gum-to-tooth ratio, and more. Our team of dental professionals can combine procedures such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to completely transform how you feel about yourself. Enjoy all the life-changing benefits of an incredibly white and harmonious smile with cosmetic dentistry at our dental office.

Read More about Cosmetic Dentistry


If you are unhappy with your smile because of chipped, cracked, worn, or slightly crooked teeth, veneers can conceal these flaws with one treatment. Crafted from the same state-of-the-art dental ceramics as crowns, our dentist can color-match veneers to seamlessly blend with your surrounding teeth. At our cosmetic dentistry practice, we can combine veneers with professional teeth whitening for amazing results. Veneers provide long-term results, and with proper care and regular check-ups with our dentist, can last a decade or longer.

Read More about Veneers

Dental Crowns

A tooth compromised by dental issues such as trauma and decay can cause constant pain and make simple tasks such as speaking and eating difficult. Our dentist can alleviate discomfort while restoring the form and function to a tooth with a dental crown. After treating the dental issue affecting a tooth, a crown can protect it from further damage and can even prevent the need for extraction. Made from advanced dental ceramics engineered to withstand normal biting forces, a crown can last 10 years or longer with proper care. 

Read More about Dental Crowns

Smile Makeover

If just one cosmetic dentistry treatment wouldn't be enough to address all of the concerns you have with your smile, our team can combine procedures into one streamlined smile makeover plan. We can address discoloration, chips, misalignment, gaps, and more with procedures like teeth whitening, dental bonding, and veneers.

Ask Us About a Smile Makeover

Emergency Dentistry

If you or your child are experiencing intense dental pain, a broken tooth, or a knocked-out tooth, we can try to fit you in as soon as possible for an emergency dentistry appointment. We can alleviate your pain and restore dental function quickly. Time is of the essence, so don't wait to call us.

Call Us for Emergency Treatment

More Procedures Offered at Our Stockbridge Dentistry Practice

The Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy Are Clear

Oral appliances reduce daytime sleepiness by 61% for people with sleep apnea
A study published in Contemporary Clinical Dentistry found that patients showed
significant improvement in sleep parameters with the use of an oral appliance.

How Oral Appliance Therapy Works

Moving the jaw slightly forward can widen your upper airway, reducing snoring and other effects of sleep apnea.
The team at a sleep apnea event

Trouble Sleeping? Dental Pain?
Damaged Teeth?

Contact Dental Group South Today

The team of dental professionals at Dental Group South looks forward to meeting you.

During an appointment at our Stockbridge, GA, dentistry practice, our team can help you achieve sparkling teeth through effective cosmetic dental care. Our dentist, Dr. Greene, has been providing patients with top-quality service for over four decades. He can also apply his advanced skill and expert level of knowledge to address any pending dental issues affecting the health of your smile.

In addition to cosmetic dental treatments, our dentist can assist those with sleep apnea to achieve a better night's rest. Left untreated, sleep apnea can cause severe complications including heart attack and stroke. Our team of dental professionals can provide you and your partner with relief from sleep apnea with an effective oral appliance.  To learn more about our oral appliance therapy, please call us at (470) 705-0788, or email us at sleep@sleepgroupsouth.net.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Stockbridge, GA, dentistry practice, contact us online or call:

(770) 474-1431

Patients Appreciate Our Comfortable Care


Roberto Taylor

Stockbridge, GA


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Very nice and professional staff, very welcoming.

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Stockbridge, GA


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Elise was amazing! It was a great first visit!!

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Worried About Treatment Costs?

At Sleep Group South, Inc., we work with most insurance plans, including Tricare and Medicare, to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Dr. Greene also accepts payment through CareCredit® financing to make any out-of-pocket costs more affordable, so you can receive the top-quality medical care you deserve despite budgetary concerns.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry  Performed by Dr. Greene

Customizable Treatment Plan

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, Dr. Greene can develop a custom treatment plan at his family-friendly Stockbridge, GA, practice to address the issues compromising your smile. He will sit down with you at your next appointment to go over his recommendations.

A Range of Options

When developing a treatment plan during an appointment at our office, our dentist can provide you with a range of options to fit into your individual budget and timeline. We will take all the time necessary to educate you on the benefits of each so you can reach an informed decision.

Achieve Your Goals

It is no secret that the first thing people notice about someone is their smile. Working together with our dentist, you can rest assured that you will achieve not only the best dental care but a smile that you can be proud to share with the world.

Enhance Your Appearance

Even patients with the best oral health often wish that their smiles were whiter and brighter or more balanced. When we treat patients at our Stockbridge, GA, dentistry practice, we strive for optimal oral health and attractive smiles.

"This has been such an Ah-amazing experience." More 5-Star Reviews from Happy, Smiling Patients


Chris Collier

Stockbridge, GA


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I suffered significant damage to my teeth as a result of a skateboarding accident in my teens. I haven't had dental insurance in close to two decades. To say I was terrified of seeing a dentist would be an understatement. Dr. Greene and his amazing staff immediately put me at ease upon entering his practice. They never made me feel embarrassed me for the state of my teeth. I was never lectured to. I was never made to feel "less than". Dr. Greene and his staff immediately set upon a plan to get me started to a much healthier and attractive smile, something I haven't had in decades. Most importantly, I didn't feel that I was being forced into a hard sell, like a number of dentist practices I've read reviews about. For the first time in 40 years, I have hope for the state of my teeth, and I didn't think I would ever write this, but I really do look forward to going to see my dentist. Thank you so much, Dr. Greene and Dental Group South!

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Lady Jones

Stockbridge, GA


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OMG! Oh how I have taken in this Dental Group as my Family! This has been such an Ah-amazing experience. From having a terrible tooth pain to having one of my wisdom teeth extracted. From appointment reminders to front desk entry. The staff here is so Warm and Welcoming. Ms. Jackie front desk receptionist will make you feel right at home. My Hygienist Ms. Elise is just Amazing with her knowledge and will definitely take care of you with a spirit of excellence

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Dr. Vernon Greene and the team at Dental Group South have been serving Stockbridge and the Greater Atlanta area since 1978. We can provide personalized dental treatment for your entire family. Our services include:

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