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Dental Bridge

Are you missing a single tooth or a row of teeth? Are you frustrated with how your smile looks and feels as a result?

At Dental Group South, Inc. in Stockbridge, GA, our dentist offers many types of dental bridges to fill the gaps and restore your smile.

Find out how we can make the simple pleasures of eating and smiling a daily joy again. 

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that spans the gap left by tooth loss. It can be used to replace a single tooth or a row of teeth.

An illustration of a traditional dental bridge being placed
A dental bridge is supported by the teeth on either side of the gap. Their structure is reshaped to accommodate crowns that support the bridge (alternatively, dental implants can be used to support a dental bridge). Additional crowns, called pontics, replicate the missing teeth.

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Not only can missing teeth be embarrassing, but they can also affect how you speak and eat. They often lead to other oral health issues such as TMJ disorders because they can cause an unbalanced bite and jawbone atrophy.

Dr. Vernon Greene has been in practice since 1978, helping the patients of Stockbridge, GA, and the surrounding communities with their dental needs. When you choose Dental Group South, you can rest assured your dentist and his skilled team can help you replace your missing teeth, improve your quality of life, and give you a smile you're proud to share.

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Jim Sechler


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I've been a patient for well over a decade now. This is NOT a corporately owned business, which is a major plus for me!! The staff is always friendly and professional. They are truly concerned about your needs and always have the right solutions. The equipment used is state of the art and the facility is always clean and bright. If you are looking for a dental practice, I highly recommend your joining this family.

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Merrie Jones


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Dr. Greene, Lori and his entire staff are great.  I have been seeing Dr. Greene for 23 years and, obviously, I have been very pleased.  The team at Dental Group South is very professional, helpful, attentive and friendly.  I would highly recommend Dr. Greene.

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A Wide Variety of Choices

At Dental Group South, Vernon W. Greene, DMD, offers patients from Stockbridge and the greater Atlanta area a wide variety of choices to personalize dental treatment and meet their unique needs.

Traditional Bridge

For a traditional dental bridge, custom crowns are placed on the two teeth adjacent to the gap. These support the pontic, or prosthetic, that replaces the missing tooth or teeth.

Cantilever Bridge

Cantilever bridges are used when there is only one tooth available to hold the bridge in place. This option lacks the additional support provided by traditional bridges, so its use is more limited.

Maryland Bridge

Instead of being held in place by crowns, a Maryland bridge is supported by two small flaps that are secured to the back of adjacent teeth with a composite resin material.

Implant-Retained Bridge

Advances in dentistry have made dental implants a popular option because healthy tooth structure doesn't have to be altered. An implant is a small rod that functions like a tooth root. If you are missing a single tooth, an implant and crown can prevent the need for a bridge. For multiple missing consecutive teeth, implants can support a dental bridge.

Treatment Timeline

A dental bridge can fill the gaps in your smile, replacing your missing teeth and restoring your oral function. 
A dental bridge can fill the gaps in your smile, replacing your missing teeth and restoring your oral function. 

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth, discuss your oral health history, and ask about your goals to determine if a dental bridge is the right treatment for you.


Impressions will be taken of your mouth so your bridge can be crafted. Your dentist will shade-match your restoration to the color of your natural teeth so your bridge can blend in seamlessly. 


If you need preparatory treatment such as implant placement or gum disease treatment, this must be completed first. If you're receiving a traditional bridge, your anchoring teeth will be prepped and reshaped to allow for dental crowns. Often, a temporary bridge is placed while you wait for your permanent bridge to be crafted.

Restoration Placed

Once your permanent bridge is complete, you will have another appointment at our dental office for placement. Dr. Greene will bond the crowns to the anchoring teeth, securing the bridge in place.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Because dental bridges are custom fabricated to your precise fit and design specifications, it can take up to two weeks to complete traditional dental bridge treatment. If you get a dental implant-supported bridge, the entire treatment process will take three to six months because the bone tissue needs time to grow around the implant and secure it in place.

Does Bridge
Placement Hurt?


Dr. Greene will numb the area before he begins treatment to minimize any discomfort while he reshapes the teeth. We want your experience to be as painless as possible and will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. If you feel any discomfort after your treatment, it can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Are You Missing Several Teeth?

If you suffer from widespread tooth loss, it may be time to consider another restoration. Many patients choose traditional removable dentures because they are more affordable and don't require a surgical procedure. Alternatively, prosthetics can be held securely in place with dental implants. Implant-retained dentures are more stable and prevent the jawbone atrophy that occurs when the tooth roots are missing.

Ask your dentist if traditional or implant-retained dentures are the right solution for you. Our dentist can explain the various restorative dentistry options that are available and recommend the one most suited to your unique needs.

A hand holding lower dentures

Financing Is Available

We work with most insurance providers to reduce or even eliminate out-of-pocket costs for our patients. For those without insurance, or to help cover costs that are not covered by insurance, our Stockbridge, GA, dental practice accepts CareCredit® to help finance your treatment.

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I’ve been going there for years. The staff is wonderful, professional, and nice. Office is clean. I had some work done a few months ago and never been happier with the outcome

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Balinda Shinault


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I want to share my experience with Dental group South. I will start with the front staff they are so nice, cheerful, and welcoming. Im sorry I don't know there names. Dr. Greene was great as well being honest and concerned about my needs. I was so nervous about going. 

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Dental Group South

Dental Group South

Dr. Vernon Greene and the team at Dental Group South have been serving Stockbridge and the Greater Atlanta area since 1978. We can provide personalized dental treatment for your entire family. Our services include:

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